Posted by: fvcecho5 | 24-PM00000040000000031, 2008

Hope you’ll had a good 4th of July

Well it is now the 5th, and I hope that some of you are still sober. So did you all have a kickin good time? I did it was fun having some beers and hanging out with friends. My arms did feel a bit sore this morning I guess it was because of the swimming I did last night. Kind of hard to imagine that will drinking. I had fun and I hope you all out there had a good time too.
OK new subject, today I will be going to the pound to look to maybe adopt a new pup I got attached to my sisters dog and now I want one too. Boy I hate how that works out, but I guess it is good for Fido. Well all of you out there in blogger land have a good weekend and i’ll post again soon.


  1. Good Times!

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