Posted by: fvcecho5 | 24-AM00000040000000030, 2008

what the duce?

what the hell are the Lakers doing? i hope they are just setting a trap for Boston. it’s like a web, they are just reeling them in.



  1. I think the Lakers will win it today. They have home court advantage and they were so close to possibly going into OT on Sunday’s game after being down 22 points. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. I was yelling at the TV that whole game. I’d rather think it’s a trap than that they’re slipping that badly, so I like your theory.
    I do think we’ll win it tonight. There’s no way with how bad they want it and the energy that the crowd’s going to have that they don’t come back. It’s the next two after that where we have to really step it up.

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