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Working Out

Well today was the start of a new era (again).  It has been a few years for me since I have set foot in a real gym, let me tell you it is a bit nerve wracking going back for the first time.  I was lucky though I did not go by myself I went with my friend after we convinced ourselves that we need to go.  It will be a change but it will be for the better now I just need to start eating better so I can watch the pound fly off.  Any who I just thought I would share that with the world.  Ok well peace out and talk to you’ll later.

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Well it’s me again and I am here to say that I had a long week. My dad wasn’t doing so well and there was not much I could do about it. Work kind of sucked this week and that didn’t help matters out either. I found out when our inspection is, so at least I can be prepared for that. At my job we get inspected by our corporate office once a quarter. I am new at this, but I have the outline of what is expected of me. I hope that everyone out there had a better week. I just hope this coming week will be better. I think I need to get a drink that should make it all better, well at least for a bit.

p.s. lets all have a drink on this wonderful beach and relax.

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Long Week

Well this has been a very painful week. I am sooo glad that it is now over. I am surrounded by some very smart people, but also some very very stupid jerks. The bad thing is that I hire most of them because they are cheap labor but sometimes they are a big head ache. Now I can drink this week goodbye. I hope that next week will be a much better one.

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Hot Summer Nights And Your Pets

OK watching family guy on a hot evening is good, but having a drink with friends while watching family guy is great. Well on another note I will be getting a new dog soon. My family fell in love with the beagle I got for my sister for her graduation present. Now they want another one. My mother would like another beagle so I will try to find one for her. Dogs are great and everyone should have the joy of having one or more in the family. I didn’t want one at first because when I was younger I had a few dogs and I watched them grow old and eventually die. That was hard to do because they are like family. But I am dealing with that now, plus I get my dogs now from the animal shelters and I feel a bit better knowing that I am saving a dogs life by adopting it. I hope that you out there might have the joy of adopting a pet from a shelter as well. OK now back to beer and friends.

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Hope you’ll had a good 4th of July

Well it is now the 5th, and I hope that some of you are still sober. So did you all have a kickin good time? I did it was fun having some beers and hanging out with friends. My arms did feel a bit sore this morning I guess it was because of the swimming I did last night. Kind of hard to imagine that will drinking. I had fun and I hope you all out there had a good time too.
OK new subject, today I will be going to the pound to look to maybe adopt a new pup I got attached to my sisters dog and now I want one too. Boy I hate how that works out, but I guess it is good for Fido. Well all of you out there in blogger land have a good weekend and i’ll post again soon.
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To damn hot

Oh my lord it is to damn hot outside. I am sizzling like bacon. How are all you out there in hell? This whole week it has been hot. Not even an ice cold beer keeps me cool. Sorry about the raving i am going crazy. I hope this nice picture keeps you all cool.
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Beer is good!!

For those of you that might not know it Newcastle is an excellent choice of beer. Latter today when your watching the game don’t forget to have one, or two, or even a six pack possibly a twelve pack if the Lakers start losing again. Whatever the case may be just have a good beer and enjoy the game.
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Can the Lakers pull off a win?

Well it is father’s day and in a few hours sons and daughters will be wishing their dads a good day. Do you know what will make them happy? A win by their favorite team the Lakers. How about a little raly cheer? Gooooo Lakers!!

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Lakers take game 3

Lakers have taken game three. Will they be able to win another one here at home? The way they played tonight I am not sure, but there is hope the Celtics couldn’t do shit either. Hopefully the Lakers wake the hell up and kick some ass in the next few games. Stay tuned to your t.v. for further action.
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Early Mornings Suck

Well having to get up at the butt crack of dawn sucks. I don’t know how some of you do it. I am not a morning person and driving to work sucks. Why the hell are there so many cars on the road? To many damn people in this world. STOP multiplying you bastards. OK that was my rant for the day.

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